> Riptide



Close Up:

Step by Step:
1. cut scallop strips of paper
Aug 2010 step 1 danni reid

2. adhere scallops to block of embossed cardstock.
Aug 2010 step 2 danni reid

3. adhere aqua tulle & ric rac; stitch edges over ric rac & tulle.
Aug 2010 step 3 danni reid

4. cut chiplet shape to fit edge of card. stamp sentiment on top. (to
stamp sentiment vertically cover the second word with
a piece of tape, ink up your stamp, remove tape & stamp the first word.
wash stamp off. cover the first word with tape, ink stamp, remove tape &
stamp second word)
Aug 2010 step 4 danni reid 

5. add buttons & tie the twine. adhere block of cardstock to card base.