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November 13, 2010


karen q

It only snows here once or twice a year. I am loving those silver snowflakes.

Tina Mayo

yes..some but that is enough for me. I live right outside nashville, TN.


Yes :) We live in NH, there's always snow in the winter!

Lisa Cross

UGH. Yes, it snows here. Last winter was the worst!! Northeastern PA. I so want to move south. LOL

Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

No, it does not snow where I live in Sunny California. I can see the snow on the mountains which are about 2 hours away at Big Bear.


Love this sneak peek! The paper, ribbon and sequins look fun! Can't wait to see more!
Yes, we get just a bit of snow. Maybe only a light dusting for a couple of days. But I work only about 20 minutes away, at a higher elevation, and it gets much more there!


How pretty and sparkly. - Depends on the year but we can and do have snow occasionally. I prefer NEVER though.


It sure does! We got 10 inches yesterday!


Beautiful sneak peek! And yes, it snows here in Ohio. :)


Snows where I live...right outside of salt lake city utah!!

ruth tacoma

Yes it does! In fact we've already had one small snowstorm that left two inches. Three days later....it was 62 degrees. :)

Pam Scott

YES, it blows bad here too, last year was one of the worst!

Erin Vandervelde

Yes, it snows here in Central Illinois. I don't mind the snow other than the shoveling!

Carol Sawyer

I live in Canada and I think it snow's here more than anywhere else! I am loving that paper. I must get some...

Dawn Dutter

No it doesn't snow where I live, but I'm only about a hour away.

Deb L

Up until last year, I would have answered no, but we got a light dusting of snow here last December... course it didn't last past 10 a.m.! lol

Amy Kolling

Yes it does snow here in Kansas! It is soo beautiful when it does!! Not that I like to drive in it though!


Oh yes it does, I live in Michigan so I get more than my fair share. I Saw Mona's card at Cupcake Creations, I just had to come over and see where she found all of her pretties!

Carol R

Definitely snows! Had our first snowfall a week ago and we will not see it disappear until next April or May.

Lisa Somerville

Yes it snows here! Wonderful peeks of the December Kit!

Colleen Dietrich

It sure does snow here in South Jersey! Last year we had record snowfalls.

Donna Treaster

So far,it hasn't snowed in sunny Florida. I moved here from PA to get out of all that work with snow! It is so beautiful to look at and play in but no fun to shovel, lol. Love the look of the December kit. May have to order it.

Heidi Gonzales

It only snows here a little (wish it was more-love it). I live in Northern Ca. (not far from Mt. Shasta and 5 minutes from Shasta Lake) so it does get very cold all winter long-lots of rain.

Rebecca VanDyke

Fun peeks!
Oh yes! We get snow! We live in an area of MI that probably gets the most snow of the lower part of MI because we get the lake effect snow from Lake Michigan...

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